Ranking Of War  RTS strategy
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Ranking Of War RTS strategy
Ranking Of War  RTS strategy

Ranking Of War RTS strategy

This is a real-time strategyRTSgame set in modern warfare between world powers

Developer: VOD Games
App Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Nov 13, 2022
Price: Free
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Ranking Of War (ROW) is a 3D real time strategy game. Your mission in Ranking Of War is to build an army training base, exploit resources and fight against enemies. This game has two game modes, SinglePlayer and Zombie.
In SinglePlayer mode the player can choose the country, location, color and fight with up to 7 AIs.
In Zombie mode, the player must build an army to stop waves of zombies.

Inspired by the legendary real-time strategy (RTS) games on the computer and the current strength of the countries with the strongest militaries in the world, we have created the ROW game. The main task in the game is to exploit resources, build defensive and military buildings to create combat units such as infantry, tanks, war vehicles, UAVs, aircraft... You can:
Choice of country, battle position, player distinguishing color and military alliance.
Control one or more units directly at the same time to move around the map or attack enemies.
Unlimited number of units on the map.
No network connection required.
Similar to other RTS games, you need to mine resources. In ROW there are 2 types of resources: gold and oil. You can build a gold mining factory to earn gold but to have an oil field you have to occupy an oil field. Building defensive buildings will be more beneficial than buying troops to defend because buildings often have high health, high armor and have the ability to repair themselves. However, military units have the ability to move (Infantry units have slow movement speed, tank units have moderate movement speed, aircraft units have fast movement speed).

There are four military buildings namely Barrack, Tank Factory, Vehicle Factory and AirCraft Factory. Barrack allows buying soldiers. Tank Factory allows the purchase of tanks and tracked vehicles. Vehicle Factory allows the purchase of Wheeled Tank, IFV, BMP and mobile missile systems. AirCraft Factory allows buying UAVs, attack helicopters, fighters, bombers (to be able to buy bombers you need to build an Air Base).

Military headquarters gives you a few resources per second and allows you to upgrade satellite technology, tower, and military structures. Upgrading will give you the ability to view the entire map, unlock defense system as well as advanced combat units and special units of the countries.

A map can have up to eight players including you and 7 AI players. You can ally with these AI players to fight against other AI players, allowing AI players to ally with each other or not at the start screen. There are all 3 types of AI player: AI Easy, AI Moderate, AI Hard, corresponding to easy, normal, and difficult levels.

Units with strong firepower at long range are often not capable of anti-aircraft and are easily destroyed by aircraft so you need to be able to command like a general to make proper use of each unit's ability.

Each country has a special military unit. America has stealth bombers with higher health point. Germany has a crawler self-propelled gun with the ability to fire quickly. France has a wheeled self-propelled gun with the ability to move quickly and shoot long distances. United Kingdom has a modern air defense system. Russia has a multiple rocket launcher system. India has ATAGS with a very long firing range.

Russia, China, and India own the Super Tesla Coil defense system with extremely high anti-aircraft damage. The America, United Kingdom, France, and Germany have a Super Laser Cannon defense system capable of slowing down the enemy's movement speed.

In Zombie mode, players will have to build defenses to destroy the passing zombies and monsters. Each defense system has a unique ability, build a reasonable way to survive to the end.

System Requirements
CPU: 8 Cores (~Snapdragon 625, G35, P35, Exynos 850)

Recommended Requirements
CPU: 8 Cores ~Snapdragon 665, G80 (or greater)
RAM: 4 GB (or greater)
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Ranking Of War RTS strategy 1.1.7 2024-01-09
2024-01-09 Version History
New unit:
- Helicopter Transport
- Armored car
- Landing Craft Air Cushion

~VOD Games
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Price: Free
Version: 1.1.7
Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Nov 13, 2022
Content Rating: Mature 17+
Developer: VOD Games
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